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The relationship between and motor carriers is mutually beneficial. Freight brokers need trucks to get freight from point A to point B, and motor carriers need freight to transport. Free Freight Search (FFS) is a completely that helps freight brokers find motor carriers in the right locations and motor carriers find loads posted by brokers and shippers.

The process doesn’t end at finding the right freight brokers; you then need to maintain those relationships – your freight brokers are valuable sales agents. FFS has some tips on how to do that:

  1. Communicate

Regular communication with your is an important element in maintain this relationship. Call the broker right away if you encounter any problems or issues en route so that they are addressed immediately.

  1. Keep good records

Create a checklist of all the documentation that is required and stick to it. Keeping a paper trail of transactions and conversations protects you against confusion or conflict down the line. Always get commitments in writing.

  1. Be professional and ethical

It’s important to maintain high ethical standards and a professional communications at all times. Both the interests of the motor carriers and freight brokers need to be considered. If you are a fleet owner, you need to set a standard for all employees to follow in their dealings with freight brokers and then ensure that the standard is maintained.

  1. Make sure your freight broker has insurance

Don’t take chances. Double check that your broker has liability, loss and damage insurance. If something goes wrong, you will both be covered.

In addition to offering an easy-to-use freight matching system for both brokers and motor carriers, is fully integrated with a leading company. That means you can receive fuel advances, payment on delivery, and much more without ever leaving the FFS site. If you’re looking for a motor carrier or a freight broker, register on FFS’s FREE Load Board today!

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