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When searching for truck load boards on the Internet, you will quickly notice that some are free while others require a paid membership. Upon further investigation, you will find that some of the “free” offer basic services free of charge, but access to more features, posting more than a pre-determined number of loads per day, or viewing freight brokers’ credit reports can cost you money.

So how do you decide whether to join a free or a paid load board? Compare the features that each offers. You can also join more than one load board to open up your options., for example, offers free membership. As the world’s largest , helps thousands of motor carriers find loads at no charge every day. This load board may be free, but in addition to matching motor carriers with freight, it also offers valuable free benefits to both truckers and . Here’s a quick look at the features offered by and four paid-subscription load boards, listed with approximate costs taken from their websites.*

factoring table1

factoring table2

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