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The start of a new year is here, and many people are looking at positive habits to adopt and bad ones to kick. To all our truck drivers, we have an excellent suggestion for your New Year’s resolution—go green.

For the last few years, many industry leaders have been looking at how they could improve their practices and reduce their carbon footprint while making deliveries efficiently.

While it may seem like ‘green trucking’ is an oxymoron, there actually are some easy ways to be green and be great at your job.

Why Going Green Is Good for Everyone

You’ve heard more than enough talk about gas and fossil fuel emission in your line of work. With these in mind, there are some simple practices you can implement that will allow you to do your part to have a positive impact on the environment.

Coincidentally many of the tips for being an eco-friendly truck driver are right in line with being a good truck driver. Read on to learn more.

Simple Steps to Becoming an Eco-Friendly Truck Driver


  1. Plan Routes: Google ‘how to be a good truck driver’ and you’ll see this tip at the top of every list. That’s because it really is the golden rule of trucking. When you plan your routes, you’re saving yourself time and money by not having to drive around look for your location plus you won’t have to fill up on gas unnecessarily.
  2. Turn Off Your Engine (When Sleeping): If you’re sleeping in your truck overnight turn of your engine. Instead, use auxiliary power units or truck stop hookups to heat or cool your cab at night. Be reasonable — if you’re not in extreme weather, using blankets and suitable pajamas may be sufficient to keep you comfortable.
  3. Regular Truck Maintenance: By simply taking care of your truck regularly you can cut the amount of carbon monoxide emissions it produces (and ensure your truck runs smoothly for a longer period of time). Installing aerodynamic panels on the trailer and checking your tire pressure and brakes are just a few easy ways to make sure your truck is in good working order and eco-friendly.
  4.  Pack Your Own Snacks: A little food prep can be helpful for you in a few ways. You’ll be saving money and time by not stopping as often for a bite to eat. You’ll also get to your destination faster and the meal prep also helps make healthier food choices. We recommend packing snacks in reusable containers to be totally eco-friendly.
  5. Recycle: Another easy way to monitor how much paper, plastic and aluminum you use while on the road is to keep a bag in your cab exclusively for recycling. You can take your trash with you and recycle once you’re back home. Also consider recycling old tires and other truck parts that would otherwise end up in a landfill.


Being an eco-friendly truck driver doesn’t have to make your job harder. If anything, it can make you better. Take a little time to be conscientious of the trips you’re making, and you’ll see that implementing these tricks can have huge payoffs for yourself and the environment.

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