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Owner-operators know that keeping their truck moving is the key to their business’ success. When it comes to finding loads, truckers have seemingly more options than ever. We’ll touch on five choices that can give you an understanding of how to find loads.

How to find truck loads

Need help to find loads? Here are our recommendations.

Maybe you got your start hauling for a larger carrier, but now you’re ready to find more freedom and (hopefully) more money. Running your own operation comes with a lot of benefits, but not without some effort. Combat the challenge of finding freight by implementing these five strategies.

Shipper or Direct Freight:

When you get freight direct from the shipper, you are contracting directly with the shipper. Many truckers find this option appealing because you’re cutting out the middleman and able to lock down more consistent jobs and often better pay. Establish a solid reputation in the industry, and build up some experience, so when the opportunity comes up, you’re able to capitalize.

Load Boards:

Load boards are an efficient and straightforward way to connect with shippers and brokers, and they can often be beneficial for new truckers who haven’t established a regular client list. They can also help truckers looking to pick up some extra work. has the world’s largest FREE load board where you can get access to thousands of shippers and other resources.

Freight Brokers:

Another great option for rookies is to connect with a freight broker. Brokers help find truck loads for owner-operators and fleet owners. Looking for someone else to do the heavy lifting? This is the best option. Brokers find loads, negotiate rates, and make it easier for drivers to find loads. Like shippers, you can establish relationships with brokerages, which could lead to a more consistent stream of business.

Digital Brokerages:

Believe it or not, companies like Uber and Amazon now offer freight matching services. One of the newer ways to find freight is the digital broker. Taking the best of load boards and brokers and mixing them, these app-driven brokers allow owner-operators to find and accept loads from their phone. Because of the technology, many of these brokerages also offer quicker payment terms compared to more traditional brokerages.


Looking for some help on the back-office end of things in your business? Many owner-operators have found dispatching services to be extremely helpful. For a certain price, dispatchers can find a load, assign and manage drivers, manage weather delays and handling issues, provide customer care, and more. Be sure to ask how dispatchers invoice and what their fees are before signing anything.

We hope this information will give you a good starting point as you work towards picking up more freight.

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