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Cargo theft in America is a huge, expensive problem. It’s an issue that hurts motor carriers and shippers and it contributes to rising insurance costs. Recently we are seeing greater collaboration between motor carriers and law enforcement in addressing this problem., a free truck load board, has rounded up a few ways that you can help prevent cargo theft: 

  1. Add extra security measures at warehouses, shipping docks, and truck parking areas

Make sure your trucks, wherever they are located, are monitored closely with security cameras, access control gates and fencing. Make it very difficult for unauthorized people to get onto your property.

  1. Hire the right people in the first place

While you can have some control in keeping unauthorized people out of your facilities and away from your trucks, you need to make sure you have trustworthy people on site as well. Employ stringent hiring practices to protect your cargo from internal threats.

  1. Make sure nobody tampers with your cargo during loading

One way to do this is to back up trucks right up to the wall once they have been loaded to ensure that nobody tampers with the seal of the vehicle. Loaded trailers can also be moved close to the view of security guards or security cameras.

  1. Invest in safety education for your staff

Drivers need to be be constantly aware of their surroundings when they are parking or pulling over while on the road. Invest in ongoing security training so that your drivers are aware of safety threats.

  1. Use technology to your advantage

Vehicle and shipment tracking can be used to monitor your fleet throughout their various routes. You can also invest in high-tech security seals to ensure that your cargo isn’t being tampered with during transportation.

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