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Truck driving is often misunderstood and can even scare off prospective new drivers. The truth is that it’s hard to understand the life and work of a truck driver until you’re behind the wheel yourself.

If you’re a prospective new driver or an industry vet looking for a reminder of why you got into the business, read on. We’re going to shine a spotlight on some of the most awesome perks of being a truck driver.

The Practical Perks

Before getting into the exciting stuff it’s important you understand the sensible side of trucking and how it can help you build your future. Becoming a truck driver is a great option for many, take a look at some of the practical reasons why choosing this profession is a good idea. For example,


  • Job Security: In recent months, there’s been a lot of talk about the shortage of truck drivers across North America, but truthfully shortage or not there’s always been a high demand for truck drivers. With the help of resources like’s FREE load board you can find a load quicker than you might think.
  • Open Career Path: Once you get a few years of experience under your belt, you’ll see that you have the freedom to choose between different types of freight hauling: moving livestock, refrigerated goods, oversized loads like houses, etc. The possibilities are potentially endless, meaning you’ll never get bored.
  • Good Pay: Trucking companies value long-term safe driving and commitment so they’re willing to reward. A new driver across North America can make upwards of $45,000 in their first year with good benefits. Whether you’re providing just for yourself or for a family you’ll be off to a good start.


The Fun Perks

This profession is unlike many others and for various (good) reasons. Here are some of the more flashy benefits of taking on a career in this industry.


  • Freedom: This perk can mean a lot of different things depending on who you ask, but in general if you aren’t a fan of office jobs, you don’t like being managed, or you need to move around a lot to be happy, this is a definite perk to the job. While you will have deadlines and dispatchers to deal with, the independence in this profession is completely different from others.
  • Always Have a Story: You’ll see a lot from behind the wheel: different people, places, and even ways of life. This kind of exposure and experience will ensure you always have a story to tell and exciting experiences to share with others.
  • Never Monotonous: Every single day will be different. Different scenery, different tasks, different interactions with different people. Many careers don’t offer the opportunity of new challenges that often, much less everyday. Being a truck driver will give you a chance to break out of a routine.


Driving a truck is both practical and exciting. While you may have to make some sacrifices like being away from home and loved ones, there are some benefits that should be considered. We hope this article helped inspire you on your path to a new career or reignited your passion for driving trucks.

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