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Spending the holidays at work is tough, but when your work puts you on the road far from your home and loved ones, it can be even tougher. While the rest of the world seems to be taking a break, truckers are logging more hours and miles than ever, and often making deliveries that make the holiday season happier for everyone else.

Even if you find yourself on the road this holiday season, there are many ways to stay connected with those who matter and still partake in celebration, tradition and some holiday cheer.

 Enjoying Your Holiday on the Road

  1. Sync Schedules: The holidays are as hectic as they are fun — visiting relatives and friends, children on break from school, and trying to remember who is going where and when. Make your life easier by using an app or platforms like Google or Apple calendar to stay connected with your loved ones. Keep your schedules synced to stay up to date with your loved ones’ travel plans and make calling times more efficient.
  2. Make New Traditions: While having schedules and following the calendar can be helpful, don’t feel that you have to stick strictly to it. For example, if you’re away on December 25th but home by the 27th, then start a new tradition of celebrating Christmas when you’re home. This time of year is all about spending quality time with family, so do what works best for your loved ones.
  3. Use Technology: It’s easier to stay connected now than ever before. Download apps like Skype, Google Hangout, FaceTime, etc. to enjoy a video call with your loved ones while away. Set a time with your friends or family to have a call.
  4. Allow for Flexibility: If you don’t know your holiday schedule just yet then don’t commit to anything that can stand to wait. Making last minute plans is always easier than cancelling.
  5. Find Company: If there’s no way around it, and you can’t be home on the actual holiday, look for others who are also traveling. Reach out to other truckers in the area or simply strike up a conversation at a truck stop and offer to share a meal with a fellow trucker. You don’t have to spend your holiday alone, unless you want to.
  6. Help Others: Another great way to make the most of your holiday if you have to be away from loved ones is to volunteer your time. If you end up far from home around the holidays, look to volunteer at a local church or homeless shelter; you can do some good and get the chance to connect with others.

If you’re a trucker, chances are you’ll find yourself away from home on a holiday or two. Just remember that alone time during the holidays can have its benefits, too. It’s the perfect time to reflect, focus on personal goals, and get yourself in the right mindset to make the most of your time at home with loved ones.

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