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Load boards, like the one here at, are online platforms that connect motor carriers with shippers and freight brokers who need transport services. Load boards are for everyone, but they are especially great for industry newcomers and small fleet owners as they can open the doors to revenue, contacts and experience.

Why Use a Load Board?

In this post, we’ll focus on how you can increase your revenue with load boards. But there are even more reasons why load boards are a great choice for your business, whether you’re a truck driver or a freight broker or shipper:

  1. Easy to use on the road and accessible 24/7.
  2. Take advantage of additional services, like freight factoring and broker credit reports.
  3. Reduce deadheading.

These benefits alone are enough to make a load board part of your business practice (did we mention it’s FREE at but let’s check out just how you should be using load boards to make more money.

Making Money with Load Boards

When used correctly, load boards will save you from losing time scheduling loads and give you more time to make deliveries. You should always use load boards with a strategic approach rather than just logging on and hoping for the best.

  • Identify the type of client you want: While you may pride yourself on being able to spot a good load or client when you see it, you’ll save yourself a lot of time if you actually write down what you’re looking for. Taking a few minutes to do this will lay the foundation for you to craft a plan to find the right loads and clients.
  • Create a profile: Want brokers and shippers to find you? Then you’ll need to put some information out there. Create a profile and include your fleet size, home base, types of freight you haul and how far you’ll drive. Keep in mind that while you want your profile to be informative, only share what you’re comfortable with the whole internet having access to.
  • Do NOT overbook: It’s imperative that you pay close attention to the size of the load and the distance. Doing so will ensure you have enough space for the loads you’ve committed to, and you’re not taking on more than you can handle.
  • Utilize benefits: Take advantage of’s additional features like freight factoring or this fuel card to enjoy convenience and make your daily work less stressful.
  • Be patient: While load boards have thousands of loads, you want to take your time in the beginning to guarantee you’re picking the best option for you. When you’re new to a load board, it may take a couple of hours to connect with the right load.


Using load boards can help you reduce deadhead time and offer access to various trucking tools all while building client relationships and establishing long-lasting industry connections. If you’re ready to take the step to further your business, register for FREE on the world’s largest free load board! For more trucking resources check out our blog.

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