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When motor carriers and freight brokers want to speed up their cash flow and expand their business, invariably they choose freight bill factoring as their funding solution. Invoice factoring suits the trucking industry business model very well, thanks to both the timeliness of payments on delivered loads and the money-saving benefits offered by freight factoring companies.

When choosing a factoring company, trucking company owners and freight brokers prefer trucking factoring companies that specialize in processing freight bills. In addition to providing factoring financing, these companies have experience in making trucking professionals’ lives easier and more profitable.

Because motor carriers are the backbone of the freight industry, let’s take a look at the top ten benefits that could be available to motor carriers that choose a leading factoring company for trucking.

  1. Free fuel discount cards to save you money at the pump and monitor fuel usage
  2. Same-day funding upon loading and delivery instead of waiting 30 days or more
  3. Equipment financing and discounts, regardless of your credit history
  4. Fuel advances upon loading to keep you on the road and reduce stress
  5. Free credit checks on shippers and freight brokers to evaluate creditworthiness
  6. Collections support with courteous professionals who ensure timely payments
  7. ELD discounts to reduce the cost of electronic logging compliance
  8. Free load board access and easy integration with one-stop quick pay options
  9. Improved credit scores, thanks to your new ability to pay your bills promptly
  10. Online account management for 24/7 information about each of your accounts

Motor carriers that work with a top transport factoring company receive more than an

invoice finance solution. They also gain a financial partner to help them save time and money. Interstate Capital, one of the most trusted freight bill factoring companies in North America since 1993, provides all ten of the above benefits to hundreds of motor carriers every day and is dedicated to helping trucking companies succeed.

To learn more about the benefits of factoring your freight bills with Interstate Capital, speak to an experienced freight factoring expert soon. It all starts with a no-obligation factoring rate quote.

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