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Plus Free Freight Broker Credit Reports Load Board is an Internet truck load board and directory service for freight brokers, motor carriers and shippers alike. Members can find trucks or post loads and available trucks for thousands of other members to see. This load board is aimed at owner operators and offers a quick and easy way to secure trucks and loads which enables freight companies be productive and profitable all year round.

About is not just one online load board. It is a load board and transport carrier directory that offers significant value to its members. The online portal offers live site updates for carriers and trucks and ensures that all posts are made visible to all members.’s rate is $120/year.

How compares with Free Freight Search? is the world’s largest FREE truck load board. You will find the load board absolutely simple to use when it comes to posting loads and available trucks. With over 50,000 members and 75 million loads posted since inception, it is no wonder that is one of the world’s fastest-growing load boards. of choice. Members enjoy free email alerts when a load or truck is posted that matches their criteria, full integrated freight bill factoring, access to credit reports on freight brokers and more.

Both and are great load board sites to use. Here’s a breakdown of what each site has to offer you: Features

  • Unlimited load board searches.
  • Unlimited truck and load posting.
  • View carrier directory profiles.
  • Find available trucks and get trucks loaded.
  • Move freight faster. Features

  • Register for a free freight broker, shipper or motor carrier account in just a few moments.
  • Post available trucks and loads with ease.
  • Browse through thousands of posts for available trucks and available loads.
  • Register for email alerts on trucks or loads that meet your criteria.
  • View credit reports of freight brokers.
  • 100% funding and full payment on delivery for loads posted by Platinum freight brokers.
  • Obtain freight bill factoring services.

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