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When it comes to operating your own trucking business, whether you’re using a load board and you’ve got a handful of trucks or a powerful fleet, managing your cash flow is a big deal. Because many owner-operators take the DIY approach to their finances, you’ve probably done your fair share of researching the best money management practices as well as strategic moves for keeping your trucks on the road.

If you’ve done a single Google search on either, you’ve likely come across freight factoring and load boards as the top suggestions. Why choose one? Both offer benefits for truckers and fleet owners alike. While we’ve written on each subject individually today, we want to shift our focus to using both load boards and freight factoring to strengthen your business.

The Winning Combo: Load Boards and Freight Factoring

When it comes to maintaining steady cash flow and keeping your trucks on the road, many in the trucking industry turn to two sources.

Freight factoring can help keep your cash flow steady, and load boards can help you find more jobs.

While there are tons of services out there that can give you one of the two, very few companies can offer you both functions in one place. (FFS) offers members tons of resources, including an advanced and expansive load board and a direct source to freight factoring.

Here’s how FFS’ load board can help boost your business

  1. Access to the World’s Largest FREE Load Board: FFS’ advanced load board is user-friendly and can give you access to thousands of loads, real-time alerts, location-specific searches, and more!
  2. Expert Transport Factoring Partner: You can find freight factoring services anywhere on the internet, but when it comes to your business’ finances, do you want to leave your cash flow in the hands of just anybody? FFS gives members direct access to Triumph Business Capital, a highly respected transportation factoring company dedicated to supporting the freight industry, with over 15 years of experience.

When you register on FFS, you’re gaining access to game-changing resources for your business. Apart from access to one of the best load boards and an industry leader in freight factoring, you are also getting benefits such as:

  • 100% funding within 24 hours of delivery
  • Fast funding fuel advances
  • 24/7 credit approvals through the client web portal, MyTriumph.
  • One-on-one account servicing
  • 24/7 online access to your account information
  • Professional collection service on your transportation freight bills
  • Triumph Business Capital Fuel Discount Cards that save you up to $.10 per gallon off the cash price at the pump
  • Convenient funding via ACH, wire transfer, or fuel card.

The key to keeping your business moving forward is to find the right combo of cash flow support and a steady stream of jobs. At, you can find both!

Sign up today for your FREE membership on and gain instant access to exclusive benefits. Give your business a competitive edge and register today!

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