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Managing expenses and ensuring that you are making the right equipment investments are two of the key factors to running a successful commercial trucking business. Fuel prices continue to fluctuate across the globe, making cost management critical. Trucking companies need to make sure they are choosing an efficient, cost-effective fuel for their vehicles. Historically and into the future, that fuel is diesel.

Diesel prices might be a bit higher than gasoline, but more energy can be sourced from this fluid, which gives trucks more mileage for the same volume of fuel. Diesel engines offer 30% to 35% greater fuel economy when compared to gasoline engines, says the U.S. Department of Energy.

Trucks running continuously through the year can easily recoup the costs of the higher costs of diesel when compared to gasoline. According to, a mileage break point of 30,000 miles per year is a general rule of thumb that can be used for Class 3-4 truck owners who want to determine whether the higher diesel cost will be cost-effective for their business.

In the past, diesel engines were renowned for their noisiness and expensive maintenance costs, but advances in the industry have ensured that these engines are less noisy. They also don’t require the ongoing maintenance needed in older diesel engine models. In addition, diesel engines are typically more rugged and reliable than gasoline engines, making them  safer and more efficient on the road.

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