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As a commercial driver, you need to make sure that the protection of your driver’s license is always on the top of your mind. This license is key to your career and income so you need to make sure that you adhere to the traffic laws in your area. Here’s how to avoid putting your driver’s license at risk:

Be aware of driving safely outside working hours

As a professional driver, you can lose your commercial driver’s license if you are prosecuted for driving infractions in your private life. Even if you are using your own vehicle outside work, you need to make sure that you don’t unknowingly put your commercial driver’s license at risk. You risk losing your license if you are driving under the influence and are pulled over and refuse to take tests for alcohol or drug use. You are in danger if you are caught going over the speed limit or if you leave the scene of an accident that you were involved in.

Be transparent about any traffic fines or tickets that you get

If you get a speeding ticket or other ticket while driving a commercial vehicle for someone else’s company, your employer will undoubtedly be notified because the vehicle will be registered in that company’s name. Being upfront and transparent about any driving transgressions will serve you better in the long run than trying to hide anything from your employers.

Protecting your commercial driver’s license will help ensure a good income and ongoing work, especially with today’s shortage of truck drivers. This shortage, combined with seasonal spikes and growth in the economy, means that skilled drivers are in high demand. Make sure you are up for any trucking job by having a valid commercial driver’s license.

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