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Plus Free Freight Broker Credit Reports

With trucks carrying more than 15 billion tons of freight a year, the challenges of matching loads to available motor carriers gets more critical every year. When you add today’s hours-of-service restrictions and the need to strategize available capacity with time-sensitive deliveries, the freight-matching puzzle gets even more complex.

The good news is that today’s load boards are more efficient and economical than ever before. Online load boards help keep the country’s economy moving by keeping trucks fully loaded. By matching the right carrier in the right place at the right time with a load, both the shipper and the trucking company benefit.

With online load boards, truckers can use the filters to narrow down first the origin city and then the destination area. Another filter enables them to narrow down the equipment required for a particular load and the date. Freight brokers and shippers can both post loads and search for trucks that have posted their locations.

With 24/7 access to available loads, motor carriers of all types – from fleet owners to independent owner-operators – have the opportunity to stay loaded and avoid deadheading back home. Whether you drive a flatbed or reefer or dry van, you can improve your chances to pick up loads. Real-time text alerts let you know if a load matching your equipment and location is posted.

While some load boards charge expensive monthly subscriptions, some are more reasonable and a few are even completely free. The world’s largest free load board is, a trusted resource for truckers and brokers for years. With 70,000 registered motor carriers and 18,000 freight brokers and shippers, FreeFreightSearch typically lists more than 50,000 loads at any one time. Since its inception, more than 12 million loads have been posted on the site.

Signing up for FreeFreightSearch is fast and easy and no member will ever be asked for a credit card number or other payment method. In addition to load matching, motor carriers can research the credit and payment histories of more than 10,000 freight brokers. Visit now to get started.

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