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When using a load board, it is important to ensure that you are partnering with a reliable, qualified freight broker. Not all freight brokers work the same and offer similar terms and conditions.

At, motor carriers can easily research freight brokers’ credit reports to get a sense of their financial background and experience. These reports are based on the firsthand business experience of the FreeFreightSearch sponsor, Interstate Capital.

After you have registered on and logged in, click on “View Freight Broker Credit Reports” in the main menu.

  1. Depending on what information you have, you can search for a broker two ways: with either the broker’s MC number or the broker’s company name with their state.
  2. You will find a two-part chart. The top line indicates how many freight bills Interstate Capital has collected from that broker over the last 60 days, the last 90 days, and for all time. The second line reports the average number days that the broker took to pay its freight bills.
  3. Some brokers have been ranked with one to five stars by other FreeFreightSearch members; some members have also added comments about that broker.

You may see that some brokers on have been recognized as Platinum Brokers. These brokers guarantee that they will provide fuel advances and quick payments to motor carriers that accept their loads.

Register on our free load board today! is the world’s largest completely free load board and is operated as a free service to freight brokers, shippers, and motor carriers. We also offer additional services to the trucking industry including freight bill factoring, fuel advances, and discount fuel cards..

Visit our FAQ section to learn more and register on our free load board to start finding reliable freight brokers today!

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