The World's Largest Free Load Board

Plus Free Freight Broker Credit Reports

Are you considering joining a free load board? Here are the top five advantages of belonging to, the world’s largest free load board.

  1. More options

Over 60,000 motor carriers and brokers are registered at and over 80 million loads have been posted since it was founded: that’s substantially more than any other free load board. At any given time, between 25,000 and 30,000 loads are available for motor carriers to cover. Instead of registering an account at smaller load boards and failing to find a load where you need it, you’ve got more options at

  1. Full integration with a freight bill factoring company is fully integrated with a freight bill factoring company meaning that registered members may find freight, obtain a fuel advance, and obtain 100% funding within hours of delivery – without ever leaving the site.

  1. Real-time notifications for carriers and brokers

If you are a broker, when you post your available freight on, thousands of carriers will be able to see it and you will receive an email alert when a truck is posted that matches your location. If you are a carrier, when you post your truck and location and a freight broker or shipper posts a load that that matches what you need, you will receive an email alert.

  1. Save money

At, we offer carriers unlimited free truck posting, load searching and access to more than 10,000 freight broker credit reports. Brokers can post as many loads as they want for free. Some free load boards limit your searches or only offer credit reports for a fee, but makes it all quick, easy and more importantly, free. You never have to provide your credit card; you will never be charged a subscription fee.

  1. Free service

FreeFreightSearch gives you so many options and features, completely for free. Many of our competitors will offer a variety of similar services but you will be required to sign a monthly membership agreement and pay a fee each month.

Register an account on today and start seeing how these five advantages can make freight-matching work better for you. It only takes a moment to register online.

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