The World's Largest Free Load Board

Plus Free Freight Broker Credit Reports

You may or may not have heard of the latest version free load board from Getloaded, called Getloaded V3. If you’re still using an older version, then it’s worth your while to familiarize yourself with the benefits that V3 has to offer namely:

Spend less time finding loads

The system has been redesigned to ensure users spend less time finding and posting loads and trucks. Now you can focus on growing your business and getting the job done and less time on administrative tasks.

Work on the move

Users are now able to post and find trucks and loads from any device including a cell phone, tablet or their desktop computer.

Email alerts

Instead of setting a daily reminder for you to go and look for popular loads and broker’s fees, you can set an email alert for saved searches so that you’re notified whenever something relevant pops up.

Integrated with other features

Getloaded V3 seamlessly integrates with the GetloadedOps integration. If you’re already using this transportation management system, then you’ll be happy to learn you can export loads and load details from the latest version.

More search results on this free load board

The latest version offers expanded search results, giving you access to more information with a single search.

Upgrading is simple. All you need to do is login to your Getloaded account and click on the notification, which prompts you to try out the latest version. You will then be taken to a preview of Getloaded V3 and then you can update your current system as soon as you’ve familiarized yourself with the basics. (FFS) is the world’s largest 100% FREE freight matching site. In addition to being the largest FREE load board, FFS provides members access to 10,000+ free freight broker credit reports, making FFS the world’s largest FREE transportation credit bureau as well. Find out more about FFS’ free load board.

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