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All commercial drivers in the United States must comply with federal Hours of Service (HOS) regulations. HOS laws regulate the working hours of anyone operating a commercial vehicle and are issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Free Freight Search (FFS) presents four important basic elements you need to know about HOS regulations:

  1. Hours of work

The HOS law regulates the number of hours drivers work and the time they need to rest between shifts. Essentially they govern when and how long drivers may be behind the wheel. This is to manage driver fatigue and ensure drivers are alert and well rested.

  1. 14-hour window

The daily driving limit is 14 hours, which means that drivers need to stop driving after being behind the wheel for 14 consecutive hours. This does not get extended with a 30-minute break. At the end of this 14-hour window, drivers are not allowed to drive again until they’ve had 10 consecutive hours off duty. Often drivers take their off-duty break in their sleeper berths.

  1. A 30-minute break

All drivers are required to take a 30-minute break after eight hours of driving. This can be taken in a sleeper berth or off the truck – whatever the driver prefers, as long as it’s taken. Meal breaks also count as a break, as long as they are 30 minutes long.

  1. Log form and manner

Drivers should always maintain their logbooks with the required information. They need to know what information to put in their logs, whether they are written or electronic records, and at what point of their journey the information needs to be added.

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