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If you are a motor carrier looking for loads, a freight broker can act as your liaison with companies that need shipping services. A freight broker’s task is to assess the needs of a shipper and match the shipper with the right carrier, with the right equipment in the right location. You can find licensed freight brokers on, the world’s largest free load board.

Below are four services offered by freight brokers:

  • Help shippers find reliable carriers
  • Assist with the filing of freight claims
  • Negotiate prices between shipper and carrier
  • Ensure that the consignment is delivered safely and on time

Find licensed and reliable load brokers at

Using, the world’s largest free load board, to find freight brokers is easy. Here are a few benefits of registering as a member of

  • Access thousands of freight broker credit reports for free.
  • View thousands of posts from freight brokers and shippers.
  • Receive email alerts when a load is posted that matches your equipment and location. assists freight brokers, shippers and motor carriers alike.

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