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Freight MailFreight Mail is an online truck load board that offers motor carriers, shippers and freight brokers the opportunity to unclutter their email inbox and manage all of their freight matching from one convenient place. This Internet load board offers an exceptionally user-friendly system and makes it simple for freight industry professionals to move shipments and fill trucks to capacity. Freight Mail is an actual online mail box aimed at making freight matching and follow up more convenient.

About Freight Mail

Freight Mail is a reputable online freight matching service that is powered by Freightview. Freightview is well known for their skill at creating enterprise-class transport management systems that are used by the likes of Honda, Cargill and Neiman Marcus. Members of Freight Mail can benefit from a wealth of features and functions including tracking conversations, following up on quotes and tenders and searching for available trucks and loads.

How Freight Mail compares with Free Freight Search? and Freight Mail are both great load boards to use. You will find that is the world’s largest FREE load board. This truck load board has over 42,000 registered members who interact directly with each other. Motor carriers, shippers and freight brokers are offered a variety of benefits including fuel discounts and advances, guaranteed payments for Platinum brokers, up to 100% funding, freight bill factoring and much more.

Both Freight Mail and are great load board sites to use. Here’s a breakdown of what each site has to offer you:

Freight Mail Features

  • An online inbox for managing all freight matching related tasks.
  • Tracking of emails and responses.
  • Comparison of side by side orders from member distribution lists.
  • History of quotes, tenders and assignments.

What you can do with Freight Mail

  • Search for trucks and loads on the load board.
  • Keep track of orders received or communications with freight industry professionals.
  • Get in direct contact with freight brokers, shipping companies and motor carriers.
  • Fill trucks and move loads with greater ease.
  • Save on the costs of freight matching. Features

  • Browse through over 73,000 load posts on the free load board.
  • Quick and easy access to up to 100% funding.
  • Join a network of over 42,000 shippers, motor carriers and freight brokers.
  • Use your member fuel card to get fuel advances and discounts.
  • Access to the services of an integrated freight bill factoring company.
  • Achieve platinum broker status in order to benefit from the Platinum broker payment guarantee.
  • Access over 10,000 freight broker credit reports.

Freight brokers, shippers and motor carriers can do the following with the load board:

  • Have your posts on available trucks and loads seen by thousands of freight brokers, motor carriers and shippers.
  • Post available trucks and loads on the free load board.
  • Search for available trucks and loads.
  • Use your member fuel card to save as much as $.14 per gallon on fuel.
  • Get access to freight bill factoring.
  • Access important carrier safety information.
  • Get fuel advances and quick pay for carriers with load board funds.
  • Access over 10,000 freight broker credit reports.
  • Receive 100% payment on delivery of loads.

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Get Your Free Account on Load Board Today! offers a quick and easy way for freight brokers, motor carriers and shippers to fill trucks and move loads. It is no wonder that is the world’s largest FREE load board. To access a wealth of freight matching benefits, register as a freight broker, shipper or motor carrier on and benefit today!


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