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After three decades of trucking and logging over 2.6 million miles, Bryan Dax, a longtime owner-operator from Two Rivers, Wisconsin, had a gigantic idea: to shut down his 1990 Diamond Reo road tractor and spend the next several years building one of the longest fifth wheel tractors in the US, if not the world.

He transformed his Diamond Reo into a rolling billboard and mobile media center, complete with two large LED screens and sound, and nicknamed it The Red Giant. This 93-foot tractor and trailer setup include a 20-foot home-on-wheels sleeper cab that features a shower, toilet, entertainment center and even hardwood floors.

When Bryan first purchased his Diamond Reo truck new, the truck had a 260” wheelbase, a 3406B Cat with 425 hp, an 18-speed transmission, 3.55 rears and a 90” Double Eagle bunk.

Today, “The Red Giant” has a 430” wheelbase and an astounding 252” ICT custom bunk with 16’ slide-outs on each side housing two 11’ x 6’ LED screens.

The rig is still powered by a 3406B Cat and it still has an 18-speed transmission, but it now has 3.08 rears. The cab was custom stretched and the dash frame was handcrafted out of aluminium.

When attached to the red trailer, the entire creation measures over 93’ long.

Today, Bryan and his company, REO Mobile Media, LLC, is on the road, but for a different purpose than hauling cargo. Advertising dollars help to keep this monolith moving. The truck’s two screens can display multiple paid ads, thereby creating a new revenue stream for Bryan. Companies will pay serious money to get their name and advertisements on the rolling rig’s full motion LCD monitors.

Bryan’s original intentions were to spend about $75,000. But as the project grew, so did the price – to a jaw-dropping $750,000. Fortunately, with the right funding partner, he was able to realize his dream of “Making the longest semi-tractor in the world.”

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