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Are you considering starting your own trucking business? Or have you recently started one? As you’ve probably learned, there’s a lot that goes into getting established and ensuring your cash flow is in good standing.

This post is for all the newcomers and small business owners who are looking for some tips to help their startup trucking companies.

Time is Money, and so are miles

As a small business owner, you know just how valuable time is. In the trucking industry, miles are just as important. If your trucks aren’t moving, you’re not getting paid. One of the leading causes of cash flow trouble for new trucking companies stems from finding loads to haul.

Are you worried about finding consistent loads? Here are some expert tips to keep your business moving forward.

  1. Become a Government Contractor: The federal, state and local government have trucking contacts to fill and many times outsource their transportation needs. There are government agencies all over North America that are looking for transportation contractors. While this route does require a few extra steps initially, it could be a consistent job. Not sure where to begin? Just call your local government offices.
  2. Network: There are many local, state and national industry associations that connect people within the trucking industry. Search online for events, trade shows or organizations that can help you start making connections. This option may be slower, but it could be beneficial in the long run.
  3. Use Load Boards: Load boards are a quick and straightforward way to connect with brokers or to even post your equipment. When you sign up for a load board, like (FFS), you’re getting access to thousands of potential loads that will keep your trucks on the road and your company growing.

Which Method Works?

While there are plenty of ways to find business for your new trucking company, it’s best to implement a mix of methods, like the three suggestions above. If you’re looking for quick and simple access to real loads, a load board is your best bet.’s load board is the world’s largest FREE load board. When you sign up for the load board, you’re getting access to benefits like:

  • Ability to post trucks and locations for brokers and shippers to see
  • Speeds up the process of finding work
  • Gives you opportunities in different parts of the country
  • Allows for flexible working schedules

Additionally, motor carriers can enjoy even more benefits when working with FFS as members receive unique time and money-saving benefits from Triumph Business Capital. Triumph Business Capital is a transportation factoring company dedicated to supporting the freight industry, learn more here.

Find even more tips to running a successful trucking operation by checking out our blog. Or get a head start on finding freight by signing up for the world’s largest FREE load board.

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