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While fuel prices fluctuate, motor carriers often look for ways in which to cut back and save. Many owner-operators join load boards in search of loads, in order to keep their trucks on the road and avoid deadheading, especially when business is slow. The transportation outlook, however, has changed in recent months, in terms of fuel costs and many carriers are benefiting as a result. While the transportation industry currently enjoys the lowest gas prices in years, these low costs mean good news for carriers.

Carriers benefit in the following ways from low fuel costs:

  • Reduced cost of doing business. The lower the fuel cost, the less it will cost for a motor carrier to operate trucks. With this type of saving, greater distances or larger loads can be handled, which will boost profits.
  • Shippers are now considering the use of truck transportation over railway options, as lower fuel prices close the gap between truck and rail freight prices. This means new avenues of business and income for motor carriers.

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