The World's Largest Free Load Board

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Motor carriers are always on the lookout for loads and routes that pay well and keep their trucks on the road. Finding loads on, the world’s largest FREE load board, is easy. After you register and your membership is validated, you can search for loads 24/7.

  1. After you’ve logged onto the site with your username and password, click on “Search for Loads.”
  2. In the short form that pops up, list your Origin and/or Destination locations (city and state or zip code or only the state). Note: You will see more loads if you list only Origin or only Destination.
  3. Click on the drop-down menu of “Equipment or Load Type” and click on your type of vehicle. Note: You can leave the equipment section blank to see the full range of trucks needed in that geographic area.
  4. Fill in your “Pickup Date” Note: Date is optional – you may leave this blank.

Sign up now for and supplement YOUR load searches for free! Find out more about FFS’ truck loads solutions today.

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