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After you’ve got some miles under your belt, you may decide that you’re ready to have more freedom and make more money. While many truck drivers get their start with large carriers, many are starting to branch out after a few years behind the wheel and try their hand at going it alone.

Running your own trucking operation can present many challenges, but one of the most significant and most complicated of all is finding freight. With the internet and numerous load boards, it’s easier than ever to find freight. The tricky part is finding good-paying freight, which is why many owner-operators try to build relationships directly with shippers.

What is Shipper Direct Freight?

Shipper direct freight is cargo that is contracted out directly to owner-operators or small fleet owners. With shipper direct freight, trucking companies bypass the broker and work directly with the shipper. There are some benefits for both the shipper and driver in this relationship:

  • Lower overall cost
  • Direct contact means better communication and service to end client
  • Opens door to more business in the future

The above benefits are enough to get most people on board with the concept of direct shipper freight, but it can be a little challenging at first. While many in the past avoided shipper direct because they felt it required boots-on-the-ground work and dedicated time to do some research, load boards like can help get the process going.

How Can I Find Direct Shipper Freight?

When you register for’s FREE load board, you’re gaining access to thousands of available loads across North America. You can get more helpful info on the benefits of here or get answers to any questions here.

If you’re a first-timer to direct shipper freight, keep the following questions in mind to help keep your operation successful:

  1. What rate do I need?
  2. What lane do I want to run?
  3. Is there enough freight in this lane to sustain my business?

Taking the time to answer these questions will ensure you are making the best move and save you time, money, and energy in the long run. When searching a load board, be sure you post rates that are consistent with that particular type of freight.

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