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As we approach the holiday season and that annual rush to get goods across the country fast, shippers of all kinds are working overtime to find motor carriers for their freight. When you add today’s growing shortage of drivers across the trucking industry to the usual challenges facing shippers, you can see why they are concerned this month. Their products need to be on store shelves, not waiting on loading docks!

More and more, shippers are turning to load boards to find motor carriers and freight brokers to move that freight. Freight brokers maintain relationships with both shipping companies and motor carriers, making it easier to fill trucks to capacity and ensure that shippers’ loads can be moved fast and cost-effectively. Of course, a great deal of your success as a shipper will depend on which freight brokers you choose to assist you. Here are a few tips on choosing the right freight brokers:

  • Ensure that your chosen broker is licensed by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).
  • Carry out a credit check on your freight broker. Your chosen freight broker must be solvent and able to pay their carriers in full and on time.

How do you ensure that your freight broker is reliable?

By using a freight load board such as, not only can you post your loads for hundreds of motor carriers to see at any given time, you can also check a freight broker’s license and view freight broker credit reports. Knowing about a freight broker’s credit history helps you to reduce your risk. Credit reports will let you know how quickly freight brokers pay their drivers – which is an indication of solvency and reliability – and enable you to make better decisions on which brokers can take care of your freight.

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When looking for freight brokers to serve your shipping company, register on our free load board! At we offer 10,000 freight broker credit reports. With more than 40,000 motor carrier members looking for loads on FreeFreightSearch, be sure to post your shipments this holiday season.

Visit our FAQ section to have all your important questions answered or register on our free load board to find the right freight brokers to assist you today!

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