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Motor carriers have no shortage of freight-matching load boards to use when they are looking for freight to deliver and visibility for their trucks. A simple search for “online load boards” will bring you hundreds of options for posting your available trucks and their locations for shippers and freight brokers to see.

Your first step is registering on a load board or two so that your trucks in various locations get as much exposure as possible. Some sites require you to pay subscription fees for this service; others are free. You will want to try popular load boards with large numbers of users or else you may not reach large numbers of shippers and brokers. In addition, you may not find loads when and where you need them.

Once you have registered on a load board, you can start posting your available loads for shippers and freight brokers to see. You will need to fill in the details of your available trucks, such as your location and the type of equipment: reefer, flatbed, or whatever. When shippers and freight brokers search for motor carriers in that location, they will see your truck listed and will contact you.

The key for motor carriers in using a load board efficiently is to maintain your trucks’ locations. The most successful users not only actively search for loads, but they also regularly update their available truck locations for shippers to see. When you start posting your trucks and becoming more familiar with the site, you may start to pick up on regional trends in the market. You will see the routes with the highest needs for freight deliveries and you will see areas where your prospects are dimmer.

Want to start posting your trucks online? is the world’s largest free load board, with more than 50,000 registered motor carriers, shippers, and freight brokers. Register on our FREE Load Board today.

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