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As a freight broker or motor carrier, you need to make sure that your assets are protected while they are in transit. Failing to protect your trucks could not only result in stolen shipments, but it could also have more far-reaching consequences, such as losing additional business opportunities from existing and potential clients. 

GPS trackers

Having GPS trackers embedded into all of your trucks is essential to protecting your vehicles. Besides keeping your cargo safe, you may also qualify for deductibles and discounts on your insurance policies if you install GPS trackers in your trucks.

Security training for drivers

Ensure that you and your drivers are aware of the ways that trucks can be vulnerable to theft and the ways that cargo thieves operate. Launch periodic security training campaigns and workshops in your company so that everyone is reminded of your security measures and policies. Also consider conducting assessments to ensure that drivers understand and enforce your safety measures. Some pointers that you could give your staff and drivers include the following:

  • Keep cargo moving: Theft is easier if your containers and trailers are left unattended, so get your staff to enforce processes that ensure that freight and containers are loaded on and off vehicles quickly throughout your supply chain.
  • Take note of cargo theft hot spots: Cargo theft is more prevalent throughout certain states, cities and neighborhoods. Keep an eye on the news and do research on the areas where your drivers need to stop to make sure they are extra vigilant when passing through cargo theft hot spots.

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