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Truckers spend a lot of time on the road, and a lot of time on their phones.

Sure, they need their phones to get loads, check in with brokers and manage their overall business.

But truckers also use their phones and other mobile devices to stay connected to family, friends and their interests through social media.

For a long time, truckers have been using social media to keep up with the trucking industry and to pick the brains of fellow drivers.

We’ve put together some tips for truckers to use social media and rounded up some of the best social media groups, accounts and pages for truck drivers using load boards to follow. Check them out below.

Why Should Truckers Use Social Media?

Here’s a quick look at why getting involved online could actually help you be a better truck driver.

How social media could benefit you:

  • Network with other truckers.
  • Find jobs and learning opportunities.
  • Advertise your own services.
  • Recruit new drivers for your company.
  • Invoicing tips

Whether you’re looking for info on collections strategy, or wondering what freight factoring is all about, or want to ask about new gadgets to spruce up your cab, you can find all of that and so much more through the power of social media.

First, find some trucking groups or pages that seem to be giving great advice or have a way for you ask questions. You’ll see right away how good a group is by how many people are joining in the conversation. Don’t just look at the number of followers; look at the threads of conversation.

Most of all, don’t forget that social media is a conversation. Don’t be afraid to jump in and ask (or answer) or question.

How to Find the Best Social Media Groups and Pages for Truckers

Whether you’re into YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or a mix of everything there are accounts for you to follow. Check out our list below for a good starting point.

Remember, that most platforms use hashtags to group conversations together. Some simple hashtags to get you started could be #truckerlife, #truckers, #CDL, #truckdriver, #lorrydriver, and #truckdriver. Play around and see what you’re able to find!

  1. Twitter: On Twitter, you can find real-time events and help for certain situations. Some of the most popular trucking Twitter accounts are the American Trucking Organization, Women in Trucking, Overdrive Magazine, Heavy Duty Trucking, and FFS Load Board. If you start following some of these organizations, you might find other personalities and resources to follow.
  2. Instagram: This platform is great for truckers who are looking for tips, resources, and even get an update on different locations you may be headed to in the future. Start with some of the hashtags above to find something that helps you.
  3. Facebook: Whether you find groups or pages to follow, this is a great place to get information. Some popular pages to follow include Rate Per Mile Masters, Women in Trucking, Trucking with Authority and Freight Waves. As far as groups, you can search around Facebook for groups related to your specific region, niche, or join ones that are broad and have thousands of members.

When it comes to using social media, your experience will depend on what you put into it. You can make it as interactive or observant as you’d like. We hope these tips are helpful as you look for ways to network and grow your own trucking company or improve your skills.

If you’re looking for more resources exclusively for truck drivers, head over to, between our blog and the world’s largest FREE load board, there’s something for everyone.

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