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Truckers Edge Truckers Edge is a well-known trucking products and services provider and the company maintains one of the largest databases of trucks and loads in the industry. With approximately 250,000 new loads posted each day, they are able to give clients quick, easy and cost-effective access to information about loads, brokers and shippers.

Free Freight Search is the world’s largest free loading board that allows users to post their available freights for free, search for thousands of available trucks and access critical safety information about carriers. While both platforms are good options, Free Freight Search is preferred by many due to the value added services that it offers. Here’s a quick breakdown of the two sites: Features Truckers Edge Features
  • Over 72 million loads posted.
  • Over 42,000 motor carriers and brokers registered.
  • Registered members run approximately 96,000 trucks that freight brokers won’t reach on other load boards.
  • Unlimited free truck posting.
  • Unlimited free load searching.
  • Unlimited free freight broker reports.
  • Receive fuel advances directly from the site.
  • Free electronic notifications whenever posted loads match posted trucks
  • Partnered with North America’s Leading Factoring Company.
  • There are different product packages available to all depending on which will suit a user’s various needs and these are; enhance, standard, or post only packages.
  • DAT Products which offer two DAT services – DAT Express™ and DAT Power.
  • Fuel Card – The DAT Fuel Card Program offers a number of key features to its users such as zero monthly charges, accepted at over 6000 venues and a cash draft option for emergency repairs.
  • IFTA fuel and mileage tax reporting.
  • Partnered with North America’s largest marketplace for freight loads and trucks, the DAT.


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Registering an account of Free Freight Search is what you need to do to take your business to the next level. For more information on our trucking products, click on the links below.


The source for information about Truckers Edge is, 11000 SW Stratus St, Suite 200 Beaverton USA, 866-487-8253. is not affiliated with Truckers Edge

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