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There are more than 3.5 million truck drivers on U.S. highways. But that’s still not enough. A report from the American Trucking Associations says more than 70 percent of goods consumed in the U.S. are moved by truck, but the industry needs to hire almost 900,000 more drivers to meet rising demand. Our dependence on trucking and the need for truckers is only going to keep growing, as the popularity of online shopping continues to increase.

This is good news for those who are considering a job in truck driving. There’s incredible demand, stability and longevity in the industry. But are you really cut out for life on the road? Ask yourself these questions before you decide:

Are you good at managing stress?

Bad traffic, bad weather and bad drivers can put some people in a foul mood really quick. But if you’re the type who can manage stress and not sweat the small stuff, then being behind the wheel of a big rig can feel very liberating.

Are you an effective communicator?

Contrary to popular belief, trucking isn’t just about hitting the open road alone. There are people you will encounter on the job and you’ll need to learn how to communicate with them effectively, like your dispatcher, the customer receiving the load and repair shop workers.

Are you efficient?

The bottom line: trucking companies want to make money. To do that, you need to be fast and successfully deliver their loads in a timely fashion. You’ve got to use your allotted time efficiently. You won’t be paid for waiting or you’ll be paid very little for the wait time, so you want to be in and out of that dock as quickly as possible. Also, repair shop time is generally unpaid downtime, so you want to manage that downtime effectively in order to minimize it.

Do you like a challenge?

Variety is another perk of truck driving. When you work as a truck driver, every day is different. One day, your trip might take you through winding mountain roads, and the next day, your trip might take you through flat golden plains. If the idea of going to the same job and seeing the same environment day after day does not appeal to you, working as a truck driver could be a good match.

Do you want a flexible schedule?

When you work as a truck driver, you’ll have a different schedule every day. You’ll enjoy more flexibility than you would at a desk job because, in trucking, you can design your workday around your life. You’ll enjoy more freedom to create the life you want to live.

Do you want job stability?

Probably the biggest perk of truck driving is that you can always find work with a trucking company. Fleets suffer from a lack of qualified drivers. This gives you the perfect opportunity to step up and join an industry that promises job security and a long career.

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