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The new Uber Freight App  for the trucking industry is stirring up controversy, but it’s also provoking much curiosity in the truck apps world. Just as Uber’s services for passengers disrupted the taxi and limousine business, this freight app has the potential for changing the landscape for third-party logistics firms and traditional relationships with shippers.

The app that’s been created by Uber for freight matches motor carriers with loads at pre-determined price, doing away with any rate negotiations for higher payments and eliminating freight brokers. The Uber truck service lets drivers book same-day loads or loads a few weeks out.

Among apps for truckers, the Uber app is innovative in its approach to on-demand transportation solutions. The Uber truck load board business model incorporates surge pricing, or higher rates that take into higher demand and lower supply of trucks in a particular market.  Uber for the trucking industry also sets up payment to be sent to the motor carrier within seven days of delivery.

While the number of truck driver apps keeps increasing, not all apps are for all motor carriers. For instance, the Uber Freight App is a work in progress that depends on Uber signing up large numbers of shippers in a large number of areas before a critical mass of drivers will find this freight app useful.

Uber Freight App can’t compete with traditional freight load boards that list loads for a wide variety of equipment. Uber Freight only provides loads for refrigerated trucks and full dry vans. Uber Freight may currently be free, but free freight load boards offer much more opportunity for loads of all types, from less-than-truckload to over-sized, from tanker trailer to flat beds.

The bottom line: The Uber App is not for everyone.

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