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Conducting business online and finding work across the country without having to even speak to anyone saves time and opens up countless opportunities.  However, anyone can set up a fraudulent website and cheat others.  In the world of truck load boards and distant freight brokers, a motor carrier needs to ensure they aren’t dealing with a scam artist.

Truckers don’t always have the protection of using a freight broker they know and trust. It’s basic: You don’t want miss out on profitable loads offered by an unknown freight broker business, but you want the assurance that you will be paid in full promptly. Here’s a look at what you can gain by using a freight broker agent and how you can verify that a freight broker’s credentials are legitimate.

Benefits of using a freight broker

Experienced trucking brokers will have the knowledge, shipper relationships, and technology to match up carriers with loads that fit their equipment, location, and time availability. Freight brokers are problem solvers who can work with shippers directly so that the drivers can focus on getting a load to its destination safely and quickly. Good freight broker companies will pay promptly as promised so motor carriers don’t have to collect from shippers.

Checking a freight broker’s credentials online

Trucking transportation brokers are required to be certified through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  You can quickly check a broker’s license status on the FMCSA website. To verify, ask the freight brokerage firm for a copy of their operating authority – their motor carrier authority (MC) or their Department of Transportation (DOT) credentials. Make sure that everything matches up with the online documentation and that the freight broker has purchased the required surety bond.

Many motor carriers take a step further to protect themselves against frauc during the freight quote process by logging on to, the largest of all the free truck load boards. offers an extensive database of more than 10,000 freight broker credit reports, showing first-hand, real-time payment histories and other information that can help registered members make wise decisions.

It just takes a moment to register on so you can start searching for loads in your area and researching freight brokers who can help you stay loaded. Click here to register for these no-cost services to motor carriers.

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