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Plus Free Freight Broker Credit Reports Load Board is an online truck load board that focuses on quick and easy freight matching online. The online load board allows its members to quickly set up and manage load alerts, search for loads and post available trucks. This particular truck board has a variety of minimum requirements that members must meet with before qualifying for an account. Applicants must have a minimum of $100,000 coverage for motor cargo, a minimum of $1,000,000 of auto liability cover and the auto insurance provider must be A.M. Best Rated B+ or better.

About Trucks is an online load board that is certainly not new to the industry. It is a no-frills truck load board that offers freight brokers and motor carriers the opportunity to connect in a place with little to no risk. Members must be qualified to join the network so risk is kept to a minimum. The company’s slogan “post it, find it, move it’ simply illustrates the quick and easy process that this online freight matching service offers.

How compares with Free Freight Search?

Free Freight Search is the world’s largest free load board, serving more than 50,000 freight brokers, shippers, and motor carriers. Registered members can easily match trucks with loads, enjoy upfront payment and fuel advances from Platinum Freight Brokers, save time with fully integrated freight bill factoring services from one of North America’s leading factoring companies, and receive instant email alerts when a load or truck is posted that meets their location and criteria. Since its inception, FreeFreightSearch,com has posted over 75 million available loads and remains one of the easiest and most convenient free truck load boards to use.

Both and are great load board sites to use. Here’s a breakdown of what each site has to offer you: Features

  • Let freight find you by setting up and managing convenient load alerts.
  • Quick and easy searching for loads.
  • Let agents and freight brokers find you by posting your trucks.
  • Free mobile application.
  • Commissions charged by load

What you can do with

  • Use specific criteria to identify available loads.
  • View and manage load details including stops.
  • Use “favorites” for repetitive quick searches.
  • Freight bill related status updates. Features

  • FREE load board to motor carriers, freight brokers and shippers.
  • Search for trucks and loads on your own time, 24/7.
  • Make use of a fully integrated freight bill factoring

Freight brokers, shippers, and motor carriers can all benefit from

  • Receive access to  over 10,000 broker credit reports.
  • Brokers can reach a universe of motor carriers often missing from paid subscription load boards.
  • Motor carriers can receive fuel advances once your trucks are loaded when you work with Platinum Freight Brokers.
  • Receive email alerts when a load or truck matches your location and criteria.

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