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Learn about here is an online truck load board that helps motor carriers find loads and offers a variety of other services. In 2015, over 99 million loads were posted on the network of load boards that has integrated into their online systems.

About was founded 1978 in Portland, Oregon. The company was originally established as the Dial-A-Truck (DAT) load finder service and it has continued to grow and expand its service offerings. Today, the company provides real-time freight rates based on $28 billion of transactions annually. is owned by Roper Technologies, which is a publicly traded company. recently consolidated their customer billing, product development and maintenance with

How compares with Free Freight Search? is the world’s largest free truck load board. What sets apart from as well as many other paid subscription load boards is the fact that it is absolutely free. Since this free freight matching board was founded, over 90 million loads have been posted by’s members, which include freight brokers, shippers and motor carriers. provides a niche solution to transport companies who are looking to find freight online. There are also a number of value added extras that the company offers its members, such as the Platinum broker guarantee  and broker credit reports.

Both and are great load board sites to use. Here’s a breakdown of what each site has to offer you: 

  • Streamline your transportation company’s operations with single-entry broker TMS
  • Improve margins with accurate market rates and forecasts
  • Carrier insurance monitoring and onboarding
  • Capacity and trends on over 65,000 lanes
  • Forecast truckload costs with updated data

What you can do with

  • Find high-paying loads for specialty trucks, flatbeds, vans and reefers
  • Increase revenue per mile with accurate maps and rates
  • Solve capacity problems by finding more trucks online

  • Special Platinum freight broker quick pay loads
  • Reliable credit bureau to the transport industry
  • Over 20,000 loads posted at any given timeLargest free load board in the world!
  • Unlimited searches and postings for loads and trucks
  • Fully integrated freight bill factoring

Freight brokers, shippers and motor carriers can all benefit from

Motor carriers, freight brokers, and shippers can:

  • Post info on available trucks and loads.
  • Browse through thousands of available trucks and loads.
  • Receive fuel advances and early payment with freight bill factoring.
  • Fuel discounts for motor carriers with a special member fuel card.
  • Receive upfront payment on delivery of loads when you accept loads from Platinum Guarantee Brokers
  • View the credit reports of over 10,000 freight brokers

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