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Plus Free Freight Broker Credit Reports

The analysts at American Trucking Associations predict that the country’s motor carriers will move more than 15 billion tons of freight in 2017 – and that figure is projected to grow to over 20 billion tons by 2028. Load boards for truckers play an important role in that massive movement of freight by matching motor carriers with truck loads available from shippers and freight brokers.

On the industry’s best load boards, truckers can find truck loads, regardless of their trailer types and location. By using load boards’ filter functions to narrow down your type of trailer, you can create easy-to-use flatbed load boards, reefer load boards, and so on. Whatever your equipment, you have 24/7 access to loads. The load board will list loads for trucks, location, dates, and other critical information you need to make decisions for your next trips.

Since 1978, when the first load board was developed and through the movement of load boards online, load boards have kept motor carriers loaded and on the road. An added feature of the best load boards is the ability to receive load alerts: messages to your phone or email address that let you know when a load is posted that matches your equipment and location. These load alerts are a time-saving tool that you can set up by posting your truck and origination city. As soon as a load meeting your criteria appears, you are notified.

Many load boards have come and gone over the last 40 years, but, the world’s largest free load board, continues to serve a growing number of motor carriers searching for loads and shippers and freight brokers searching for motor carriers. Offering thousands of loads around the clock, this trucking load board reaches a universe of motor carriers missing from expensive paid-subscription load boards. also offers helpful services at no charge to registered members, such as load board alerts and credit reports on more than 10,000 freight brokers. To register, visit today.

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