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Is Load Solutions the right load board for you?

Load Solutions is an Internet truck load board with 150,000 direct shippers and manufacturers. This load board caters all US states. Shippers, freight brokers and motor carriers can search for loads and trucks by radius and city. Load Solutions offers the following load board functionalities to its members:

  • Use the shipper database to grow your business and operate at capacity.
  • Find loads for trucks quickly and easily.
  • Obtain a motor carrier or broker authority.

About Load Solutions

Load Solutions is a trusted online load board offering the following packages to motor carriers, shippers and freight brokers:

  • Basic Account at just $14.95 per month. This includes a free 7 day trial / demo for those who want to test out the system before committing to a monthly fee.
  • Premium Account at just $24.95 per month or $100 for a one year subscription. This also includes a free 7 day trial / demo for those who want to test out the system before committing to a monthly fee.
  • Load Solutions’ rates are $180 to $300

All of the subscriptions from Load Solutions include a membership to their affiliated load boards including:

  1. Freight Terminal
  2. Hotshot Carrier
  3. Stepdeck Carriers

How Load Solutions compares with Free Freight Search?

Any freight business can truly benefit from the load board. Free Freight Search is the world’s largest free load board and connects thousands of freight brokers, shippers and motor carriers. Registered motor carriers can easily match trucks with loads and enjoy fuel advances and payment upfront from Platinum Freight Brokers. Brokers can reach a unique universe of motor carriers often missing from paid subscription sites.

Since its inception, has acquired over 50,000 members and posted over 75 million available loads. is one of the easiest and most convenient free truck load boards to use and is fully integrated with one of North America’s leading freight bill factoring companies.

Both Load Solutions and are great load board sites to use. Here’s a breakdown of what each site has to offer you:

Load Solutions Features

  • Post and search through thousands of available trucks and loads.
  • Access a demo version of the site to see how easy the system is to use.
  • Get your motor carrier authority.
  • Load, update, repost or delete posts conveniently. Features

  • Register for a free freight broker, shipper or motor carrier account in just a few moments.
  • Post available trucks and loads with ease.
  • Browse through thousands of posts for available trucks and available loads.
  • Receive email alerts on trucks or loads that meet your criteria.
  • View credit reports of freight brokers.
  • 100% funding and full payment on delivery for loads posted by Platinum freight brokers.
  • Obtain freight bill factoring services.
  • View over 10,000 freight broker credit reports.
  • Make use of reliable freight bill factoring

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