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Members Edge

Members Edge is an online load board powered by DAT (Dial a Truck). This is one of the largest truck load boards on the Internet. Members Edge offers its subscribers low monthly fees, valuable load board services and the opportunity for shippers, motor carriers and freight brokers to move loads quickly and easily. Member plans start at just $31.45 per month and subscribers can expect the following features:

  • Mileage and routing management.
  • Unlimited truck load searching.
  • Access to information on road and weather conditions.
  • Access to truck stop and regulatory directories.
  • Set up alerts and notifications.

About Members Edge

Members Edge is an Internet load board that offers motor carriers, brokers and shippers the opportunity to find van, reefer and flatbed truck loads. Members can also find backhaul truck loads and freight. This all-in-one service is just what a successful freight company needs, to run at capacity. Those who want to test drive the system and service before committing to the monthly fee are encouraged to access the demo or live tour. Members Edge’s rates are $377 to $539 per year.

How Members Edge compares with Free Freight Search?

While Members Edge and are both great Internet load boards, is the world’s largest FREE transportation load board. Registered motor carriers can easily match trucks with loads, enjoy fuel advances from Platinum Freight Brokers, save time with fully integrated freight bill factoring services from one of North America’s leading factoring companies, and receive instant email alerts when a load is posted that meets their location and criteria. Since its inception, has acquired over 50,000 members and posted over 75 million available loads. is one of the easiest and most convenient free transportation load boards to use.Whether you are a freight broker, motor carrier or shipper, you can benefit from this truck load board.

Both Members Edge and are great load board sites to use. Here’s a breakdown of what each site has to offer you:

Members Edge Features

  • Search for trucks and loads.
  • Post information on available trucks and loads.
  • Look up weather and road conditions to plan trips.
  • Set up instant alarm match notifications for loads and trucks.
  • Enjoy a 30 day free trial version. Features

Freight brokers and shippers can:

  • Post available freight loads.
  • Search for available trucks for loads.
  • Reach a universe of drivers missing from paid subscription load boards.
  • Receive real-time email alerts when a truck is posted that matches your load and location.

Motor carriers can:

  • Post available trucks for freight brokers and shippers to see.
  • Browse shippers’ and freight brokers’ load posts and receive their direct contact details.
  • Access to freight bill factoring.
  • Receive real-time email alerts when a load is posted that matches your location.
  • View credit reports of more than 10,000 freight brokers.
  • Receive 100% payment on delivery of loads and fuel advances from Platinum Freight Brokers .

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