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Plus Free Freight Broker Credit Reports offers an exclusive opportunity for both freight brokers and motor carriers: the Platinum Broker Payment Guarantee. This special designation on loads with the Platinum Broker badge is one of many benefits provided on the world’s largest free freight-matching load board.

Platinum Broker benefits for freight brokers

Whether they run large companies with many employees or operate one-person businesses out of their homes, all freight brokers face similar challenges. They need to get all their loads covered quickly and efficiently and they need to keep revenues coming in smoothly, regardless of how long shippers take to pay for delivered loads.

With its unique Platinum Broker program, provides freight brokers a streamlined solution to both challenges: integrated freight bill factoring with a top trucking factoring company. When a freight brokerage factors its invoices through Interstate Capital, a leader in freight bill funding since 1993, cash flow worries and load-matching headaches go away.

  1. Platinum Brokers use Interstate Capital’s funds – not their own – to provide quick pay options and fuel advances directly to motor carriers.
  2. Platinum Brokers’ loads go to the top of the list on every load search with a special designation that tells motor carriers that payment upon pickup and fuel advances are guaranteed.

Platinum Broker benefits for motor carriers

To stay profitable, motor carriers have to stay loaded – and searching for their next load can take use up valuable time and resources.  With thousands of loads available every day throughout North America, gives motor carriers the options they need to stay loaded for long- and short-haul trips. With the FreeFreightSearch free freight broker credit search feature, they can even verify how long a freight broker typically takes to pay trucking companies for delivered loads.

The Platinum Broker program on simplifies the search for loads and any concerns about unknown freight brokers with guaranteed payment on loads, no questions asked. When motor carriers select a load marked with the Platinum Broker badge, they can rest easy.

  1. Platinum Brokers guarantee quick pay and fuel advances to motor carriers.
  2. Platinum Brokers have the support of Interstate Capital, one of the freight industry’s most trusted factoring companies, behind every load they list, giving motor carriers fast payment upon pick up and delivery.

In today’s competitive freight business, FreeFreightSearch’s partnership with Interstate Capital gives freight brokers and motor carriers the edge they need to stay ahead. The Platinum Broker payment guarantee is just one of the benefits you’ll find on the world’s largest free load board. Visit today to sign up.

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