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Load boards are easy-to-use and can be incredibly helpful for truckers trying to navigate the freight-matching puzzle, but there can also be too much of a good thing. With hundreds of load boards out there, some free and many paid, the decision can be overwhelming.

You know you need loads to keep your business going and keep yourself on the road, but where do you find them? How many load boards do you really need to be looking at? Are free load boards any good? You want to spend more time moving loads, not looking for them.

Load Board Logistics

In case you’re new to the trucking industry, load boards are online platforms for transportation companies to post freight they need shipped and truckers looking for loads can negotiate hauling them. These sites are important to the trucking industry and can be perfect for anyone needing a quick return load or even helpful for newbies start their trucking career.

In the past, load boards were simply blackboards in a dispatcher’s office which listed shippers and freight brokers’ loads with the names of truck drivers to assign to shipments. Thanks to growing online interactions and technology load boards can be accessed online (even a mobile device) and are faster than ever before in helping to expedite the freight-matching process.

Does It Cost Anything?

Like we said above, there are a lot of options when it comes to load boards. There are free ones, like, and there are many that cost money. The paid load boards typically have a monthly fee which could run anywhere between $30 and $100, but generally, the higher the cost, the more options and information you get.

While it’s impossible for one load board to have all the information you need, take your time to look through the different load board options and sign up for a few (don’t overdo it) to increase your chances of getting great loads. You might start off using a free service and realize that you need access to more loads or credit information on the broker posting the load. A premium service could provide those for you.

Final Thoughts is the world’s largest FREE load board—with over 106,000 registered members. With numbers like that, we’re able to provide game-changing resources to brokers and carriers, such as weekly articles, access to factoring services, and members-only access to 33,000+ free freight broker credit reports. is also fully integrated with a freight bill factoring company and can help members find freight, obtain a fuel advance, and get 100% funding within hours of delivery.

If you’re ready to take your trucking operation to the next level, find loads easier, and have the support of seasoned experts sign up today! You can register for the FFS load board here. Have questions? Take a look through this page or get technical support here.

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