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A good freight broker can be a motor carrier’s most valuable resource for staying loaded and on the road. But what’s the best way to find the right freight broker for you? These “middle-men” of the freight industry are not all alike. Here are six tips to help you choose  the freight broker who will become your next business partner.

  1. Find someone who has been in the freight brokerage business for a few years. Brand new companies in any industry often are just finding their footing in the first year or two. By the third year, they have the experience to handle whatever comes along.
  2. Ask to see copies of their broker’s authority and broker’s license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Authority. Make especially sure that their broker’s bond is current and valid. Don’t work with anyone who can’t produce these documents.
  3. Find out about the broker’s work practices. You want someone who unfailingly provides written quotes on loads, including all fees and charges. These written quotes need to clearly outline who is responsible for extra costs, taxes, and such.
  4. Gauge their communication skills and their interpersonal manner as you talk with the freight broker. Will this person be accessible when you need support? Can you trust them to be honest and upfront with you in all communications?
  5. Ask for references. A reputable broker will be happy to share the names of a few motor carriers that they have worked with. Call those trucking companies. Good reports will give you confidence in the broker’s reputation.
  6. Study a broker’s credit history to make sure their business is rock-solid. Steer clear of anyone who has a record of late payments for motor carriers. Get a credit report before you proceed.

Here’s an easy way to get a snapshot of a freight broker’s history of paying motor carriers for their loads: join, the world’s largest free load board. FreeFreightSearch offers real-time credit reports on more than 10,000 freight brokers. You can instantly find the average number of days that each broker waits to pay for loads.

On, motor carriers can find loads available from both freight brokers and shippers and brokers can post an unlimited number of loads at no charge. Register today at – it just takes a moment.

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