The World's Largest Free Load Board

Plus Free Freight Broker Credit Reports

Load boards – online freight matching sites – are a critical resource for motor carriers, freight brokers, and shippers alike. While many load boards charge their users to find or post loads, free load boards help you find loads at no cost. As an owner operator, you want to ensure that your truck and trailer are operating at full capacity. Making sure that your truck is fully booked to keep your business profitable is not always a simple task, especially if you don’t work full-time with a freight broker or aren’t leased on to a trucking company. One solution for owner operators seeking available loads is to use load boards.

If you are looking for a free load board that also offers free broker credit reports and access to fully integrated freight bill factoring, then is the load board for you. With more than 46,000 registered users and over 75 million loads posted since its founding, is the world’s largest FREE load board. Registration is easy – and always free.

Benefits for Owner Operators Using

Owner operators using as their free load board can:

  • Search available loads in their area fast
  • Upload posts of available trucks
  • Review thousands of freight broker credit reports
  • Receive email alerts when a load is posted that matches your equipment and location
  • Receive 100% payment for delivered loads when you accept loads offered by Platinum Brokers

Register on today or contact us for more information and advice on how to find freight on the Internet using our free load board.

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