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We have great news for you! The future of trucking is a bright one with the significant growth projected over the next 8 years. The statistics shown in our infographic from the American Trucking Association reflect key U.S. transportation forecasts to 2024 — and we have plenty of reasons to be optimistic.

Freight revenue leadership

One piece of the good news is that experts predict that trucking will maintain its whopping 80% share of the dollars spent to move freight at least through 2024. It’s a leadership position that the trucking industry has held since 2012.

Freight volume growth

Another source of optimism: projected growth in tonnage over the next 8 years. When measured by the weight of the freight carried in the U.S., trucks are responsible for carrying about 70%. The good news is that experts expect weight volume to increase from 9.4 billion tons in 2012 to 11.7 billion tons by 2024. That’s increase of almost 19%.

Truck demand

Correspondingly, we can also expect to see higher demand for Class 8 trucks by 2024. In 2012, Class 8 trucks carried almost 7 billion tons; by 2024, more trucks will be needed to carry an expected 8.8 billion tons. To keep the additional freight on the move, experts anticipate that Class 8 trucks will log more miles as well – going from an annual average per truck of 52,463 miles in 2012 to a projected 57,157 miles in 2024.

The future looks bright

One of the brightest aspects of the future of trucking that’s not expected to change is the free load boards that are available to all truckers who go online to do a free freight search. The world’s largest completely free freight-matching service,, helps keep thousands of trucks on the road every day – and is another reason why trucking remains the dominant player in the freight industry today.


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