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In the freight industry, time is money and miles cost money.  However, with careful planning in advance, combined with continuous monitoring of road and traffic conditions ahead of you, you can choose your routes strategically to save both time and fuel.

Some trucking companies use sophisticated online route planning systems to help manage their routes strategically. A top-notch system can help you reduce mileage, cut fuel costs, improve customer service, and reduce carbon emissions. You want to look for a system that automatically calculates the most efficient multi-stop schedules and roads. The system should take into account delivery requirements, hours of service needs, and truck capacities.

Because route selection is shaped by many factors, sometimes longer distances will take a shorter amount of time. Traffic congestion, road construction slow-downs, and weather conditions will all influence your choice of strategic routes. A Texas A&M University Transportation Institute report showed that car drivers waste more than 42 hours and 19 gallons of gas a year due to traffic congestion. Since car drivers average around 10,000 miles a year, you can expect that statistic to be much, much higher for a driver hauling freight 100,000 miles a year!

Again, time is money. Plan ahead and then stay aware of changing conditions to ensure that you are taking the most strategic route possible on your next load.

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