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While being out on the open road, seeing new places and getting some sweet perks may appear to be ideal, there are still some drawbacks to working in the trucking industry. Why exactly are so many drivers calling it quits?

The most common culprit: The lifestyle isn’t for everyone.

However, there are a few other common reasons why truck drivers step away from their jobs even after spending a lot of time and money to break into the industry. Are you considering becoming a driver or currently working as a driver? Read through some of the top reasons truckers quit so you can get a better look at the whole picture when it comes to careers in the trucking industry.

Why Drivers Leave

  1. Time Away from Home: Being on the road can take its toll on. While many drivers think they can handle it, once they’re on a long-haul drive, they realize just how challenging it actually is. Not seeing loved ones, missing out on important events and having an unpredictable and infrequent home-time schedule can be frustrating.
  2. Inability to Adjust: It can be challenging to adapt to the trucking lifestyle. All new drivers are shocked by the experience as change occurs in literally every aspect of their lives: how you sleep, eat, exercise, your relationships, your comforts, etc.
  3. Overregulation: Unfortunately, today many professional drivers say regulations have affected their ability to earn a livable wage and do their job in the way they see fit. Many regulations take a one-size-fits-all approach, and trucking jobs/loads can be unpredictable and can vary across industry, state, etc. Some regulations dictate when you can drive, sleep, etc.
  4. Maintenance Issues: Frequent problems with equipment can be frustrating for drivers and set off a domino effect of issues that lead to stress, financial or otherwise. For example, if a driver notes maintenance issues in their pre-drive inspection and finds they weren’t addressed before leaving, they often feel disrespected by their employer.
  5. Boredom: For a truck driver, a LOT of waiting time is a guarantee. Apart from the time spent on the road, drivers will also face long wait times to load/unload at their pickup location and again at the dock. To avoid going stir crazy, it’s best to have some entertainment like audio books, podcasts, or portable hobbies like crosswords or Sudoku, or even Skype to speak with family and friends when possible.
  6. Health Issues: The final reason that can take a driver off the road — even when they don’t want to — are health-related problems. Unfortunately, maintaining healthy habits while on the road can be difficult, and if it isn’t prioritized, it can take drivers out of the cab long before they’d like to.

Truck drivers leave the industry for many reasons, like the ones listed above, or because they’re just ready to retire or try something new. If you’re still looking to stay on the road or get started we have tons of resources.

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