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An average truck driving salary may not go as far as it used to, but trucking remains an outstanding career choice for many reasons. Whether trucking professionals are involved in full time or part time truck driving, they represent a special breed of hard-working and independent people.

To go after certain high paying truck driver jobs over great distances with many nights on the road, a driver has to accept that his or her lifestyle is going to mean missed family time and special events. Missing kids’ ball games and birthdays or special holidays and anniversaries is never easy, but that’s part and parcel of an over-the-road truck driver’s life.

Unlike many occupations, a career in trucking represents more than a job: it is actually a distinctive lifestyle. Are people born to be truckers? Some people think so and believe that certain personalities and perspectives naturally gravitate toward the industry.

The field seems to attract people who are not afraid of challenges and are willing to tackle them alone, on their own. Violent weather, irresponsible car drivers, endless road construction, traffic back-ups, dangerous neighborhoods, steep grades, and more: all these combine to mount challenges that must be met by each individual. Running an 18-wheeler as long as a four-story building is tall and weighing 40 tons is the continuing challenge that never goes away.

Yet for those whose idea of a dead-end – and deadening – lifestyle would be sitting behind a desk or standing at a machine in a factory for 40 hours a week, the nomadic world of long-haul trucking brings many rewards. Truckers get to be their own boss and enjoy the freedom of the open road – and for many, that is a quality of life that can’t be beat.

If you know someone ready to change their lifestyle and start driving, talk to them about the challenges and the rewards of the trucker’s life. The field is wide open and many jobs are waiting to be filled. Today drivers have more options than ever, including freight matching load boards. Join thousands of motor carriers who use to find loads and back hauls on a regular basis. Click here to register on the world’s largest completely free load board.

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