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Whether you’re looking for a gift to give a trucker in your life, or you’re a trucker yourself, there’s tons of technology out there that can make the job more comfortable, more enjoyable or both.

The modern trucker uses a variety of gadgets and technology to do their job well and get it done quickly. Here are some of the top technology and gadgets you should be keeping your eye on if you’re a trucker using load boards.

The Best Technology for Your Rig

Technology is ever-changing, and while some trends come and go, we’ve put together our list of the best technology to make trucking easier, safer, and more convenient.

  1. Electronic Logbook Devices: Also called “ELDs,” these allow truck drivers to create and maintain records of their movement while on the job. An ELD can help truckers record status faster and more accurately. You can find ELD apps or even a standalone unit.
  2. Hotspot: Generally, truckers can find places along the road with free WiFi, whether at truck stops, cafes or fast-food restaurants. But with life on the road, there are no guarantees, you’ll have access to an internet connection. There are hotspots and WiFi boosters that allow you to have signal all the way in your cab and will enable you to connect more devices than just your phone.
  3. Garmin Speak: This GPS street navigation from Garmin has been growing in popularity among truckers over the last year. Garmin Speak pairs Amazon’s Alexa voice technology and essentially gives drivers a virtual assistant. Get where you want to go while using your truck’s audio system to stay informed.
  4. Bluetooth Headsets: Nowadays, hands-free tech is necessary, and investing in a quality Bluetooth headset could allow you to communicate safely while on the road. Be sure you look for a high-quality headset that will allow you to hear well and be heard well, too.
  5. Forward-Facing Camera: Many truckers like to have a forward-facing camera, or dashcam, that can protect them against false claims. These cameras do not face the driver and don’t record audio. This could be important technology when protecting your trucks.
  6. APU and Bunk Heaters: Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) give truck drivers access to power, even if the engine is off. This can be great for drivers trying to stay cool in the summer heat or also for those trying to keep warm in the winter.

What do you think? Have you used any of the above gadgets? Or would you consider trying them out? Whichever you choose, remember that this technology has the power to make your job easier and more efficient.

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