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Are you new to trucking? Trying to get into trucking? Or, do you want to expand your transportation industry knowledge? Blogs are an incredible source for honest feedback and advice from people who have been on the road for years, if not decades. You can read up on just about any trucking-related topic from braking and safety to how to stay alert on the road. Here are ten information-packed trucking blogs to get you started:

  1. Armada Trucking Group:  A great resource for beginner-level truckers, Armada’s blog covers road rules for drivers who are new to trucking. Armada Trucking Group, a small trucking company in California, publishes posts to their blog a few times a month, covering topics on safety, night driving and combatting road rage.
  2. Trailer Talk:  Authored by a journalist who has made a career out of writing about the trucking industry, Trailer Talk covers mostly current events and news.
  3. Trucking Truth:  Authors of the Trucking Truth’s blog posts are experienced truck drivers who provide real-life advice that can be helpful for beginner-level truck drivers. On their website, they publish information on CDL training, trucking company reviews and more.
  4. Roadmaster:  This CDL training/driving school provides education and up-to-date information on transportation industry news, driving tips and more for both beginner-level and experienced truck drivers.
  5. Overdrive:  A magazine completely dedicated to serving the trucking industry, Overdrive publishes articles on transportation news, regulations and topics that affect drivers and owner-operators.
  6. Smart Trucking:  This truckers guide, created by the editor of Smart Trucking, helps new truckers understand the nitty gritty of the industry. It also provides tips to experienced truckers on how to be more successful in their career.
  7. Truckers of Reddit:  This forum-based website allows you to post questions or share your perspective about trucking and have other truck drivers respond to those posts.
  8. Platinum Drivers:  As a driving and placement agency for the transportation industry, Platinum Drivers, Inc. is a credible source for information on federal regulations and trucking industry metrics. The blog also provides helpful driver tips about safety and holiday trucking.
  9. Trucker to Trucker:  As a sales platform to sell and buy trucking equipment, parts and trucks, this blog covers many different trucking topics, from running a business (advertising your truck and negotiating price) to understanding trucks.
  10. Real Women in Trucking:  Started in 2010, Real Women in Trucking provides female truckers a source of community, advice and support as they launch and advance their trucking careers. In addition to their blog, they post CDL training information, special events and articles.

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