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Truck driving games and truck driving songs sometimes glamorize what is one of the more difficult and yet uniquely satisfying jobs in North America. And, as you can tell from the truck driving movies that appear from time to time, over-the-road drivers are indeed a special breed of men and women.


Here’s the top ten reasons long-haul truckers like their jobs:

  1. Independence. Solo drivers are on their own, without noisy office mates or supervisors monitoring every move.
  2. Flexibility. Although drivers must comply with hours of service regulations and delivery windows, they can make their own schedules.
  3. Money. Long trips pay better than short ones – around 20% more. Drivers can even save money on rent and live out of their truck in their down time.
  4. Variety. Every day can be different, keeping life interesting.
  5. Paid travel. For those with a restless wanderlust and curiosity, truck driving can take them to big cities and new areas with all expenses paid.
  6. Love of the road. Do truck driving games and songs glamorize truck driving?.
  7. Love of the big trucks. Truckers quickly become loyal to brands and models and enjoy driving these engineering marvels – and hearing them roar!
  8. Live anywhere. With the growth of freight opportunities everywhere, long-haul drivers can live anywhere they want.
  9. Job satisfaction. Most office jobs offer work with no start and no end. However, truckers have the satisfaction of starting and completing each load.
  10. Job opportunities. Short-haul jobs fill up faster, but if you’re willing to go the distances, long-haul drivers can always find plenty of work these days.


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