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As an OTR truck driver, your route will play a significant role in how you do your job, and if you’re able to do it successfully. It will make or break you, and without the proper planning, you may find yourself in a sticky situation.

While in the old days career truck drivers had to go to great lengths to have a route and back-up plan — based on paper maps — ready on the fly, today’s drivers on loadboards are much luckier. We’re living in the Digital Age, meaning you can access resources, most for free, almost anywhere. Today we’ll focus on the top resources for truck routing so that you can spend less time worrying about how to go from point A to B.

Top Resources for Truck Routing

If you’ve been in the industry for a while, then you’ve likely used one or more of these apps and GPS units for truck routing. We’ve compiled some of the best ones here for your convenience.


  1. Bing Maps: Possibly the most advanced and newest resource we can recommend is the Truck Routing API from Microsoft and Bing. Bing Maps offers optimized routing for professional transportation and can provide personalized experiences and advanced settings that can make your job easier, and allow you to work smarter, not harder.
  2. Weigh Station Bypass App: Drivewyze is an app that will save you time by cutting down your time at weigh stations. You can download the app and use for free with access to get alerts as you near weigh stations with your truck loads, or you can pay a subscription fee and bypass scales 50-98% of the time!
  3. Trucker Path Pro: A favorite and FREE app for many truckers, this app highlights nearby weigh stations, parking availability and truck stops. OTR vets and newbies alike love this app because it offers comprehensive info on truck stops, fuel prices, parking availability and more!
  4. NOAA Radar: Your phone’s built-in weather app is fine, but the NOAA radar gives more in-depth and real time updates on weather movements.
  5. RoadBreakers: Never stress about finding a place to park again. This overnight parking app is free for Android and iPhone and gives load board truckers instant access to info on the locations of truck stops, rest areas and truck-friendly businesses.

There are tons of apps to help truck drivers get to their destinations. We hope these five gave you a glimpse into the types of tools that truckers have access to. Which resources have been helpful for you in planning your routes? If you’re interested in more resources exclusively for truck drivers, check out our blog!

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